Worker Compensation

9318265At The Clements Agency, LLC, we understand that your business is your greatest investment and we are dedicated to help you make sure you and your teams are properly protected. Workers Compensation insurance helps get your injured employees back to the workforce as soon as possible. It gives your employees the comfort that they are protected in the event that they are involved in an on the job accident and they can receive the proper medical attention without additional cost to the employee. In addition to protecting the employee, we can help find solutions that create safer and more productive workplace. Is it adding non-slip shoes for employees or something more serious? Loss prevention can be a key tool to help decrease insurance cost and keep premiums down.


84388129As a business owner, most employers are required to provide Workers Compensation coverage in order to comply with State and Federal regulations. The proper policy will help protect your employees in the event of an on the job injury or illness during the course of employment for medical expenses, lost income/wages, rehabilitation cost or death benefits. In addition it will protect the company from lawsuits which may be filed as a result of on the job injuries. The Clements Agency, LLC can help tailor a policy for you helping with the various class codes, multi-state policies and coverage limits.